UP and to the Right – How the End Users and Technology Vendors Can Get The Most out of their Analyst Relationships

Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst – IT Harvest
Analyst relations is one of the least understood disciplines in the technology sector. Among many in the industry, the role of analysts is fraught with conspiracy theories and misconceptions that rival any political thriller. Just what does it take to be ranked at the top of category…or to be placed up and to the right in a quadrant chart? In this webcast we explore the objectives and perspectives of the major analysts who cover the technology industry. Richard Stiennon provides an insider’s view of what analysts are looking for from vendors that they analyze, and how they work with end users to advise and direct current and future investments in technologies. Watch Video

Gartner Releases Latest Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies

On October 17, Gartner released its latest Magic Quadrant that focuses on front-office digital marketing agencies, listing SapientNitro, Razorfish and IBM Interactive as the Leaders. The report also highlights that the world’s largest digital marketing agencies are responding to demand from chief marketing officers (CMOs) who are eager to adopt the mobile and social opportunities that stem from a more robust data-driven environment.  While most agencies approach their engagements with CMOs with the goal  of helping them to rethink the future of marketing, most deals that leverage social, mobile and big data often represent one-off-style engagements, illustrating that marketing executives are still learning and experimenting. Full Report

How Mobile Marketing Trend is Changing Relationship Between IT and Marketing Organizations

- John Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer – Panvista Mobile

Between the rapid adoption of new tablet computers, and the proliferation of smartphones that feature high-fidelity screens, consumers are replacing laptops and desktops as the primary vehicle for accessing the information resources that they want and need from their online brands.  Companies that do not have a strong mobile marketing strategy will increasingly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they do not integrate dedicated mobile device outreach and relationship management strategies.  In this webcast we explore how these critical marketing trends are changing the relationship between IT and the enterprise. Watch Video