Volacci Releases Newsletter Best Practices eBook, Offers Free Newsletter Evaluations

Marketing software company Volacci has released a new publication, “Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook.” The eBook is a collaborative effort highlighting email marketing best practices for newsletter design, development and implementation.
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Businesses Use New Tactics to Communicate with Prospective Customers and Clients

Email marketing is still the highest-converting sales channel online — and there are no signs saying that’s going to change. But email opt-in practices are shifting and businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, according to Copyblogger Media.

Savvy business owners are using “free paywalls” – in which prospects get access to a protected library of content using a chosen username and password – to boost opt-in rates and increase sales. This is the same concept that newspapers and magazines are using for paid subscriptions to their online content, but the idea here is lead generation and nurturing before the sale.
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Gollan Outlines Six Purpose-Driven Ways for Entrepreneurs to Use Social Media

In his latest Tip Sheet, Business Coach Casey Gollan reveals a series of invaluable insights for entrepreneurs to use when it comes to communicating with their prospects and colleagues on social media.

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Marketing.AI and Chute Team to Help Brands Manage Photos in Content Marketing Workflow

Two key content marketing challenges are 1. how to coordinate the writing of content and 2. how to organize, collect and distribute photos. With the new integration of Chute’s MediaChooser into Marketing.AI’s Content Marketing Workflow Software, marketers can now manage their writing and visual workflow together in one convenient online system.

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New Study Answers Question: How Do You Build a Passion Brand?

Despite the proliferation of social media – and the race to use it to boost brands – the lion’s share of those efforts appears to be falling short, according to a new study by Social@Ogilvy.

The good news: people have millions of conversations about brands around the world on a daily basis, and much of the chatter is advocacy mentions that help brands significantly amplify their marketing.

The bad news: Despite this huge potential value, “brands are failing at driving satisfied customers to share in social media,” said Irfan Kamal, global head of Data+Analytics and Products at Social@Ogilvy. “Our study suggests that the vast majority of satisfied customers are not publicly advocating for brands on social platforms. Brands have not provided the technology, incentives or content that both inspire and enable customers to speak out positively. To help close the gap, brands must help facilitate advocacy volume, reward passion and amplify reach.”
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