22 Tweetable Stats On Inbound Marketing ROI

In a recent story for Business2Community contributor Jasmine Henry discusses how important statistics are to marketers proving to their CEOs that their work really does contribute to the bottom line. “Ninety-seven percent of content creators are addicted to fresh and reliable data sets. Okay, we admit it: we have no evidence to back up that claim. But it’s certainly true for our content team,” Henry says. “No one likes a marketer who’s averse to numbers, because even if they’re growing the bottom line, there’s no way to prove it.”

Henry offered twenty-two statistics to help numbers shy marketers increase their credibility to their CEOs. Here are the top five:
1) Based on research from Gartner: Inbound Marketing is 3-5 times better than progressive event-based marketing efforts.
2) Based on research from Oglivy One Worlwide: e-mail has the highest ROI of marketing channels, producing $57 for every dollar spent.
3) Based on data from HubSpot: HubSpot Marketing Automation Software users experienced an average of a 13 percent increase in visitors each month.
4) Based on data from NYAMA: 57 percent of organizations are not basing their marketing budgets on any ROI analysis.
5) And lastly, based on data from Eloqua: the ROI of content marketing has risen 300 percent over the previous 3 years.

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