5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make With Content Marketing

Content marketing in its entirety can make or break your business, Maggie Walsh writes on VerticalMeasures.com. And to ensure the win, marketers need to do more than simply add blog posts to your website.

While just delivering page views might have been enough to get by a decade ago, that strategy simply won’t cut it in today’s environment. Walsh noted the five biggest mistakes content marketers make:

Mistake #1: Lack of Overall Goal. Walsh says content needs to be published with a goal in mind – do you want the content to go viral or to start a conversation? If you’re trying to generate content that you want to be shared broadly, it makes sense to go beyond blog posts and add videos or infographics. If you want input, end a blog post with a question. Producing free guides or content that gives in-depth value is a good way to generate leads.

Mistake #2: Your Content Isn’t Research Based. If you post content for content’s sake without researching what your audience wants/needs you risk boring content and underperformance,

Mistake #3: Quantity over Quality. Don’t sacrifice quality just to get something out there every day. As important as it is to be fresh, don’t get burned out and allow the content quality to suffer. The biggest goal is to keep improving quality and keep compelling ideas flowing

Mistake #4: Forgetting a Call-To-Action. “Calls to action are one of the most important pieces to the content marketing puzzle,” Walsh says. “This conversion method is an element of content marketing that should not be forgotten as it’s the easiest way to encourage readers to take action, whether it is to sign up for a newsletter or purchase your product or service.”

Mistake #5: Only Publishing Blog Posts. Content marketing encompasses a lot more than blog posts, so including articles, datagraphics, infographics and videos are ways to boost audience engagement and ensure that your content marketing goals are met.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Walsh does a great job of highlighting some of the common mistakes businesses make when moving into content marketing. Do any of these sound familiar? If not, that’s good news – but keep working to take your game to the next level. If so, there’s still good news – you can change up your strategy now to boost the impact – and success – of your content marketing efforts.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market