Alliance Marketing



Your Alliance Marketing Partner: Creating Joint Marketing, Messaging Platforms Optimizing Market Development Funds


What is different about Alliance Marketing with G2Market?

  • Harmonize messages
  • Coordinate expectations
  • Generate mutually beneficial results
  • Convert joint business
  • Need to create joint assessment tools
  • Joint Win/Loss Analysis processes
  • Alliance Marketing Lab for those just starting out

The Alliance Platform

A modular array of services that can fit into existing alliance marketing initiatives.  Our content management platform consists of:

  • Joint content development services
  • Joint lead generation services
  • Joint landing page services
  • Joint microsite services
  • Joint white paper services
  • Joint case study services
  • Joint webcast services
  • Joint round table services

Benefits of Alliance Marketing:

  • Enhanced credibility from harnessing multiple voices and brands around a message.
  • More cost effective go2market as allies share marketing investment
  • Improved chances for sales conversion by putting more sales feet on the street around a shared joint message and value-proposition.

G2Market Alliance Marketing Strategy

  • Joint Target Audience Knowledge Gap Analysis
  • Joint Goal Assessment (what does success look like)
  • Joint Target Market Assessment and Execution
  • Joint Content Strategy Development and Execution
  • Joint Push Strategy Development (Outbound) and Execution
  • Joint Pull Strategy Development (Inbound) and Execution
  • Joint Lead Generation Strategy Development and Execution
  • Joint Lead Nurturing Strategy Development and Execution
  • Joint Sales Enablement Strategy Development and Execution.

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