Worldwide Mobile Phone Market To Grow 7.3 Percent in 2013 Due to Strong Smartphone Demand

idc-logo1The worldwide mobile phone market is projected to grow 7.3 percent year-over-year in 2013, up from the nearly flat 1.2 percent growth experienced in 2012 and higher than the 5.8 percent originally forecast for 2013, due to the strong demand for smartphones across all geographies, which is forecast to cause smartphone shipments to surpass one billion units for the first time in a single year, according to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) report. The Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker also expects the overall mobile phone market to grow faster than previously forecast due to strong gains in emerging markets and the sub-$200 smartphone segment causing a better than expected first half of the year.

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Impact, Integrity and Integration Are Key in B2B Marketing Success

AN&V_logoFor B2B marketing success today, communication techniques with impact – like video and interactive demos – and sources with integrity – like social posts from colleagues – have grown in importance and effectiveness, according to a survey recently completed by BizTechReports.

In a recent  national survey of B2B buying habits, BizTechReports evaluated the influence of various forms of content in integrated marketing campaigns and social media. Here are some key findings:

• High-impact communication methods are working. While once relatively unimportant in the B2B marketing mix, video is now deemed “very influential” by 67% of B2B buyers during both the awareness and evaluation stages. Additionally, interactive demonstrations are now cited as “very influential” by more than 73% of buyers during these two stages. And, when testimonials and case studies are integrated into video and interactive demos, the communication’s effectiveness is further improved.

• In social media, the source’s integrity is key. Social media has grown in importance in B2B marketing, but not all social media content is created equal. 64% of B2B buyers stated that the most helpful social media content is “relevant posts from peers and colleagues,” followed by information on “new products and solutions” at 61%. “Promotional offers” were identified by 48%, and “corporate news” lags at 27%. B2B buyers also place more value on interactions with peers on community sites (cited as very influential by 72%) than interactions with peers in less-focused communities like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook (identified as very influential by 47%, 41% and 49% respectively).

• Multichannel integration and communication consistency are important. The B2B buyer research affirmed that a wide range of communications alternatives can be effective – including industry press, emails, webinars, direct mail, blogs, community sites, word-of-mouth, vendor directories, trade shows, web searches, banners and advertising. However, the reliability of the product itself and the reputation of the company behind the product are paramount. Marketers should make sure their product reliability and brand reputation are consistently reinforced through an integrated communications campaign that leverages channels that have proven effective in the past or are now proving effective for competitors.

G2Market Inside Scoop: While it’s not surprising that impact, integrity and multichannel integration are key elements of successful B2B marketing efforts, it bears repeating. While content marketing is on track to markedly shift the B2B marketing paradigm, it’s critically important to have a strategy that is well grounded not only in the hottest new tactics and technologies, but in how those exiting emerging approaches can enrich your brand’s image and ability to engage your target audience.

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The Majority of B2B Buyers Indicate Content Will Have Impact On Online Purchasing, Study Says

CMO CouncilThe majority of B2B buyers, at 87 percent, indicate that content will have an impact on their online purchasing, according to a recent The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and NetLine Corporation report. Additional findings from the study include:
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Informly Brings Content Marketing Analytics to Small Business

Australia-based Informly has recently launched its Content Marketing Analytics service for small business owners and bloggers. Informly launched last year as an analytics dashboard for small business owners. Since then the need for more specific data on how customers’ websites were performing has been a big feature request, founder Dan Norris explains.

“A lot of our customers are embracing content marketing and producing regular blog posts on their sites. They all use Google Analytics but it doesn’t really give them the actionable information they need. For example they are trying to build and engage an audience but Analytics doesn’t tell them who their audience is. Informly tells them exactly who is converting on their site, what content they consumed and lists their site, klout score and social profiles to enable them to connect further.”

In addition to the people-tracking features, Informly connects to customers’ blogs, brings in all of their posts and shows key stats from each one such as views, tweets, likes, backlinks, conversions and more. Customer can sort by any of these metrics to find the posts which are having the most impact.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Small businesses traditionally have viewed onsite analytics as unaffordable, but hosted services like Informly’s $19/month entry-level pricing are becoming game changers. If content marketers and bloggers can get their onsite stats right alongside other charts like financial metrics, rank tracking and more, they can optimize their efforts.

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- Susan Aluise
Sr. Editor, G2Market