“Maximizing Business Intelligence in Today’s Mobile, Social and Big Data World” in Boston on 9/26

CIO-LogoIf you are going to be in Boston on September 26, please join Lane Cooper, Editorial Director of BizTechReports and Contributing Editor to CIO, Computerworld and Network World for an executive discussion on the rapidly evolving role of Big Data and Business Intelligence in today’s enterprise environment.

This is going to be a good one. Big Data and BI are fundamentally transforming the value proposition that IT can bring to the enterprise. It will increasingly determine who the winners and the losers are going to be in a market that depends not only on getting the best data first…but on having the best understanding of key trends to drive effective decision-making.

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Techweek LAUNCH Finalist Releases New Digital Content Solution

In an effort to meet a growing need among business owners to drive revenue online through content marketing, Chicago-based Tempesta Media has launched Content Quotes, a digital content creation, managed service for businesses.

The turnkey solution allows businesses to create, publish and syndicate original content for their specific needs, without the need to staff up an entire publishing department internally.

Customers choose a subscription level and define their content needs, Content Quotes does the rest. The advanced technology platform intelligently determines customers’ writing style, automatically vets over 6,000 registered writers, creating a targeted pool of expert writers, who meet the customers’ industry, experience, and quality requirements.

Unlike crowd-sourcing marketplaces, who merely aid companies in finding a writer, Content Quotes provides full solution. The company’s platform manages the entire content creation and deployment process, saving clients untold hours of internal management time and money.

CLO Inside Scoop: Tempesta Media’s launch of the Content Quotes is an example of the managed content services provider. Technology has been a game-changer for content marketing recently. Trends like this platform – or emergence of Quill, an AI program that can create “robot stories” – are likely to continue to evolve (and disrupt) the industry.

(For more information, contact Tempesta Media, LLC, www.TempestaMedia.com).

- Lane Cooper
Chief Content Strategist, G2Market

Shareablee and WorldNow Partner on Social Analytics and Competitive Intelligence for Local Media

Content solutions company WorldNow has inked a three-year professional services with Shareablee to provide social analytics to all local television, radio and newspapers in the United States. This 24/7 cloud-based social enterprise platform and leading provider of social performance insights, will enable WorldNow to provide more effective and efficient real-time analytics to local media companies, based on data.

Shareablee’s unique approach to analyzing the DNA of successful brand-created content is a perfect solution for local media organizations looking to drive higher engagement across their social communities. Shareablee currently works extensively across the media, entertainment, publishing, luxury retail and automotive verticals.

“Social is an extremely important metric that most are only scratching the surface on,” said Gary Gannaway, CEO of WorldNow. “Together with Shareablee, we will be providing our clients not just with raw data, but true insights and recommendations helping to set them apart from their competitors.”

“We see a huge opportunity for local media organizations to power their social presence based on the real-time behaviors of people in their own markets,” said Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki. WorldNow brings “a wealth of in depth insights, the personal touch and customization to really serve and meet each clients unique needs. Together, we are excited to drive real results and better optics and strategy as audience attention continues to fragment across new and existing social platforms.”

G2Market Inside Scoop: “All politics is local,” Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, famously said. That timeless nugget of wisdom is just as true in the burgeoning content marketing market. Whether “local” translates into geography or relates more to niche markets and target audiences, successfully engaging your audience with targeted content is an easier task with deep analytics.

- Lane Cooper
Chief Content Strategist, G2Market

Charging Up Executive Interactions with Analysts & Press




If communicating with important influencers in an effective manner is important to your organization’s success…then we need to find an easy and convenient way to prepare your key executive communicators…early and often!

You are not alone If you have to think twice about your answer. But consider this:

A recent BizTechReports survey of 120 business/technology journalists (including CIO magazine, InformationWeek and Computer World) as well as industry analysts (including IDC, Gartner and Forrester) suggests that only between 25-30 percent of media interviews and briefings are considered highly effective. The top reasons cited for poor interview experiences fall into three categories.

  • 43% of analysts and journalists surveyed indicated that poor interviews were the result of interviewees being unprepared to discuss issues and trends in the industry;
  • 32% reported that poor interviews were the result of subjects showing up to present canned messages or sales pitches that were unresponsive to questions.
  • 29% stated that poor interviews resulted from lack of confidence in the credibility of their interviewees. Executives simply were not believable.

- Lane Cooper
Chief Content Strategist, G2Market

Highlights from the CDW 2013 Network Optimization Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

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