Business2Community: Study Says, Few B2B Marketers Personalize Content For Prospects

According to a story by Business2Community’s Mike Brown, a recent study shows that only 23 percent of businesses personalize their content for sales prospects. According to the study, which was published by the Content Marketing Institute, these businesses instead focus their content on other things such as where they believe their customers are in the sales process or what they think is the perceived value of the brand.

“Knowing your audience is crucial for businesses in a number of ways, ranging from product development to marketing to brand management,” said Mike Brown. “Many companies executives will agree with that fact, but few are actually taking that knowledge to the next level and creating marketing campaigns that capitalize on their audience. While producing personalized marketing materials may be difficult, solutions such as digital asset libraries can aid in and simplify the creation of this content.”

Creating personalized content can be difficult and time consuming, but the results are well worth it. Here are a few other findings from the Content Marketing Institute’s studies on this topic:

  •  39 percent of respondents say lack of budgets and resources is a key barrier to creating more personalized content.
  •  71 percent of best-of-class businesses said they personalized their content specifically for the decision-maker or client they were trying to engage.
  •  Companies struggling with content creation only customized their materials 41 percent of the time.
  •  The average salesperson spends 30 hours per month trying to create relevant content for prospects.
  •  Marketing departments are actually making the process more difficult by distributing information that’s irrelevant to the specific clients the sales team is trying to engage and discouraging them from creating their own content for fear they may misrepresent the brand.

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