Businesses Use New Tactics to Communicate with Prospective Customers and Clients

Email marketing is still the highest-converting sales channel online — and there are no signs saying that’s going to change. But email opt-in practices are shifting and businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, according to Copyblogger Media.

Savvy business owners are using “free paywalls” – in which prospects get access to a protected library of content using a chosen username and password – to boost opt-in rates and increase sales. This is the same concept that newspapers and magazines are using for paid subscriptions to their online content, but the idea here is lead generation and nurturing before the sale.

When prospects register, they get access to an online space with a large library of content that is updated and sent out over time. Site owners bring registered users back into the membership area every time they release a new piece of content, with notification by email.

The site owner has the potential to build trust and affinity in that space, as well as send out targeted promotions that are customized based on individual users’ needs, behavior, and interests. Business websites using this model have a significantly higher perceived value than regular email autoresponders or newsletters.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Traditional methods for developing direct mail lists are fading to black these days and marketers need a bag of tricks that demonstrates greater actual and perceived value. Creation of high-quality e-books, white papers or case studies incentivize visitors to your site, increasing the likelihood that they will share their email address.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market