Event Marketer Magazine, Marketing and Design Agencies Launch Mobile Content App for the Experiential Industry

Event Marketer magazine, George P. Johnson marketing agency and its sister design and technology agency JUXT recently launched EM Mobile, a content application for the global experiential industry. The app was launched at the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago.

Initially released for Apple iOS devices, EM Mobile is a new kind of content-rich app designed to be a daily tool in the marketer’s arsenal, the companies say. EM Mobile brings brand leaders real-time updates on the latest best practices, case studies and general coverage of the event industry, all created and fed by Event Marketer magazine.

EM Mobile gives marketers around the world instant access to trends, insights and best practices on how consumer and business-to-business brands are engaging their audiences and driving deeper relationships using events and experiential marketing. For EM Mobile, JUXT created a totally unique and innovative user experience to provide readers with an elegant, seamless way to explore and engage with content, enable advanced customization, and foster easy, single-touch social sharing of articles, photos and videos.

EM Mobile is initially launching on a wide range of iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. Some of the advanced user experience and technology elements include:

 Innovative “blinds” navigation makes finding and experiencing articles, videos and photos a snap
 Real-time updates provide content 24/7
 Customization allows users to receive specific types of articles and content feeds
 Push notification alerts users to new relevant content immediately
 Integration with all major social platforms enables instant sharing and commentary

G2Market Inside Scoop: Given the strong trends toward mobility in the content marketing arena, it was only a matter of time before content marketers themselves would find an “app for that”. Beyond that, this is yet another sign that the digital mobile content revolution is alive, well and embracing mobility. Bill Fleig, VP Client Services at JUXT, put it well: “With digital these days, it’s important to provide an experience that is new and fresh in order to differentiate one’s offering. But that unique experience can never come at the expense of clarity and graceful use. Bringing content and data to life requires a precise balance of beauty and practicality. We think the app nails it.”

(The EM Mobile app is available as a free download to phone and tablet devices from Apple’s App Store via this link – http://bit.ly/100m8Lp or by searching for “EM Mobile” within iTunes.


- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market

MarketingProfs: Turbocharge Your Content Marketing Machine

Planning and precision is the key to successful content marketing, according to a recent article by MarketingProfs contributor Alastair Kane, an SEO executive at Strategic Internet Consulting.

“Content marketing is a precise art,” said Kane. “It is an art because it relies on creativity for its successful consummation. It is precise because the right type of content, aimed at the right kind of people in the right type of place at the right time, will facilitate the achievement of your online marketing goals. Content marketing is not rocket science, but it can appear so in the absence of a clear-cut strategy. It is all too easy to produce a piece of content and not really have a clue about where to place it to maximize its potential. Without thorough planning, your content marketing machine will be firing on three cylinders instead of being the turbocharged V8 behemoth that it could be!”

Kane offers a few tips on how to turbocharge your content marketing. Here are three of them:

  • Point your machine in the right direction. Content marketing isn’t about link building it’s about connecting with consumers through content that interests and inspires them. Consider what you want your content marketing strategy to accomplish, who you’re trying to reach, then tailor the strategy to meet those goals and your audience where they are. If it’s done right you will get those much-needed links.
  • Before you set off, check your machine. Take the time to go through the content you already have. If you have existing white papers or other offline content that fits into your content marketing strategy it can be updated and converted to online content with less effort than creating all new content. It will also free you up to concentrate on those aspects of your strategy that you don’t already have content in.
  • Before you set off, look at the map. Do your research. Before you begin a content marketing strategy it is essential that you know: who your audience is, where they go online, what they’re interested in, and what they need. If you can’t answer these questions your content marketing strategy will stall before it ever starts.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Content marketers who fail to plan essentially plan to fail. While it seems like time spent in research or planning wastes valuable time that you could be engaging your audience with some sort of content, don’t underestimate the opportunity cost associated with launching an off-target content initiative that flops for lack of preparation.

(For additional information contact: MarketingProfs, www.marketingprofs.com/about/contact.)

- Susan Aluise
Sr. Editor, G2Market

Megan Brown’s Creating Engaging Content: 3 Calls To Action That Get Conversions

The whole point of content marketing is to grab consumers’ attention so they’ll give you their business, but how do you do that without bombarding them with the heavy-handed sales pitches they find so irritating? Megan Brown, in a new post for the Content Marketing Institute, may just have the answer in her three calls to action that get conversions.

“You aren’t writing your content for your health,” Brown said. “You’re doing it for the health of your brand or business. Obviously, then, if you invest your time and energy into creating engaging content, it’s no surprise that you should expect to see results in the form of conversions. Calls to action are an integral part of creating a link between your content and conversion. They should be core to your content marketing strategy and exist in different forms throughout your site, as well as across its external properties, such as social media accounts.

You’ve likely examined the different ways you can incorporate best practices for calls to action within your site, but did you know that every single piece of content you publish can, and should, contain a call to action? Without bombarding your audience with ‘Buy Nows!’ and ‘Click Heres!’ you can easily capture attention, drive action, engage audiences, and keep them coming back for more.”

So here are Brown’s three calls to action that get conversions:
1) Put Your Audience Front And Center. People love to see their name in print. They also like to know that brands or organizations they engage with appreciate their interactions and, hopefully in turn, will grant them their loyalty. Turn your audience into brand ambassadors by creating engaging content that invites their input and gives them a platform to share their opinions, not just in the comments section.
2) Make Your Audience Members Feel Like Winners. Make your audience members all feel like winners with gamification of content that rewards them for reading, engaging with, and returning to your brand’s content outposts. This tactic also gives you a way to incentivize your audience to provide you with additional information, including contact information. While earning badges is fun, getting a deal is even better. You can consider making the points your audience earns through your content redeemable for a discount on your product or services, which might be just what your audience members need to nudge them toward making a purchase or intrigue them into exploring what you have to offer.
3) Give A Little To Get A Lot. Create “extras” to go along with your content, such as downloadable eBooks or embeddable infographics, that your audience members can access only if they tweet about the offer or fill out a contact form. Many brands offer eBooks or extra information in exchange for filling out a lead form, but if these extras are accompanied by a full blog post, they become much more valuable and responsive to your audience’s needs.

“People love free stuff,” Brown said. “And if your content is always good and your extras are unique and relevant, audiences will likely take notice of how your brand goes above and beyond to meet their needs and interests and will return to engage with your business again and again.”

G2Market Inside Track: A call to action is a great way to engage readers and should be part of nearly every content marketing strategy. But even if the ideas above seem foreign to your B2B content marketing strategy, do experiment with variations on the theme – like case studies or white papers — that engage your readers, while boosting your thought leadership.

(For additional information contact: Z Squared Media, 888-554-2014, www.zsquaredmedia.com; Content Marketing Institute, www.contentmarketinginstitute.com/contact/.)


- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market

Aflac Duck Enters World of Social Media Marketing

The Aflac Duck’s journey through dealing with an unexpected injury (which began in January) enters a new phase April 1 with a new ad, called Physical Therapy, and a coordinated social media campaign. The Physical Therapy ad will highlight how his Aflac policies have enabled the Duck to focus on the gains of recovery, because he knows that Aflac helps protect him from the financial pain that an unexpected injury or illness can cause.

The new ad depicts the Aflac Duck and his highly motivational therapist working out in the gym to help the Duck recover from a lengthy hospital stay. But the campaign is not just limited to television spots.

The company is also launching the latest social media integrations for consumers to participate in the campaign. Beginning April 1, the Aflac Duck’s Facebook page will offer games like caption contests and special “workouts” of the week. The page will also offer weekly clues to unlock a new microsite at ducktherapy.com. This site will contain additional content, including entertaining and shareable videos, images and the 60 second version of Physical Therapy, which will run only once during NBC’s The Voice, and then be available online. Content for the online programs will be updated weekly.

“This integrated campaign is reaching our core audiences in a fun, yet serious way, demonstrating why Aflac policies are a vital part of any financial plan. The Aflac Duck and our brand is not an image, it is an experience. Physical Therapy and this interactive social integration are reminding consumers why they fell in love with the Aflac Duck more than ten years ago and why Aflac remains a household name.”

G2Market Inside Scoop: Getting noticed and engaging the audience are two keys to successful content marketing that Aflac is leveraging to make its multi-channel campaign a success. Since Aflac launched the campaign in January, nearly 35,000 people have sent the company’s duck a “get well” card – and thousands more have checked out the Aflac.com site. Expensive TV ads aside, many companies can use a wide variety of techniques – including social media – to morph their brands from an image to an experience.

(For additional information contact: Aflac, 706-596-3493, www.aflac.com.)

- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market

OutdoorSignage.com’s “Jennifer’s Revenge Billboard” Is Actually A Marketing Strategy For The Billboard Itself

A billboard in Greensboro, NC dubbed the “Jennifer’s Revenge Billboard” has attracted international attention with viewers asking if it is real, who is Jennifer, and is it marketing. The billboard turns out to have been an elaborate marketing strategy for OutdoorSignage.com, the new agency and billboard company launched by Kotis Holdings, which owns several shopping centers and restaurants in the area.

Kotis wanted to create traffic for its retail tenants and restaurant operations as well as showcase the new agency’s capabilities. So was born the unusual marketing strategy. The first image on the billboard was “Michael – GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account – Priceless. Tell Jessica you’re moving in! – Jennifer”. The next day a second alternating message appeared “Jessica- Meet me at Yodaddy’s at 7:00 PM for some wine therapy. – Jennifer”. And the third day the message alternated between the original and “I should have bought you flowers. – Michael”.

The billboard content was designed to draw viewers’ eyes over multiple days (a concept called “Eyes On.”) Once viewers noticed it, the next step was to get them to tell others about it. Within minutes of posting the billboard, motorists were pulling over and taking photos. Two news crews arrived within hours. Subsequent messages were designed to encourage viewers to look for the latest post.

Other billboard owners then picked up the theme. Mattress Warehouse, a Kotis tenant and client, promptly posted “Dog House? We’ve got that size!” Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, a Kotis restaurant, posted “Can’t decide? Ribs and Ribs Combo.” Harley Davidson, another advertiser, posted “Hey Michael, If you’re going to hit the road, you might as well do it in style…” with a photo of a man on a Harley.

The billboard campaign has now expanded to include several advertisers and messages flashing through the billboard including ones promoting Kotis’s tenants and its restaurant operations, advertisers with a common theme, and “OutdoorSignage.com Facebook, Twitter and Advertise with Us messages”.

The company also posted a live feed of the billboard on its website and posted a handheld video of Jennifer confronting Michael and Jessica as they approached the billboard by car on the YouTube OutdoorSignage channel. The original Imgur.com post of the billboard image has over one million views.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Jennifer, Michael and Jessica may not be your company’s cup of tea (or glass of merlot) but the “Eyes On” strategy is priceless – and equally applicable to web or social media campaigns. Content marketers can – and should – think outside the box, so long as they don’t offend the sensibilities of their audience or inadvertently paint their brand in an unattractive light.

(For additional information contact: Kotis Holdings, www.kotis.org; Outdoor Signage LLC, www.OutdoorSignage.com.)


- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market