Celebrus and Teradata Partnership Expanded To Include Real-Time Streaming Digital Big Data Feed to RTIM

TeradataCelebrus Technologies, a provider of tag-free multi-channel digital big data software, and Teradata, a provider of enterprise analytic technologies and services, recently expanded their partnership to include Celebrus’ new streaming digital big data feed for individual-level digital channel data to the Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM). The new service provides the RTIM with customer analytics data which marketers use to make real-time online marketing and advertising decisions and drive 1-2-1 website personalization.

“Feeding our real-time, individual-level data into the RTIM complex decisioning engine enables organizations to make the best possible decisions about which messages, products or offers to deliver to their clients in order to enhance the customer experience and ultimately increase engagement, loyalty and revenue,” said Katharine Hulls, Celebrus Technologies VP of marketing. “As well as having the most complete and accurate data available in real-time, the Celebrus data stream also enables RTIM to take into account interactions across multiple channels and devices so that a full view of the customer is obtained upon which to make decisions.”


The Celebrus software feeds individual-level behavioral data from multiple online channels, including websites, social media and mobile apps, directly into Teradata’s Integrated Channel Intelligence solution and the Teradata Aster MapReduce platform in near real-time. The addition of this new streaming digital big data feed into RTIM complements the already tightly-knit suite provided, enabling even greater flexibility in how the digital marketing solutions are used.


G2Market Inside Scoop:  When you’re mapping out your content marketing strategies, don;’t neglect the power of measurement – particularly when it comes to tools that can make that all-important job easier.  The old marketing creed to “Test everything” has become a lot tougher in a metadata world, but using tools that can cut through the noise to achieve faster, better decisions is always a plus.


(For additional information, contact: Teradata, www.teradata.com; Celebrus Technologies, www.celebrus.com.)