Charging Up Executive Interactions with Analysts & Press




If communicating with important influencers in an effective manner is important to your organization’s success…then we need to find an easy and convenient way to prepare your key executive communicators…early and often!

You are not alone If you have to think twice about your answer. But consider this:

A recent BizTechReports survey of 120 business/technology journalists (including CIO magazine, InformationWeek and Computer World) as well as industry analysts (including IDC, Gartner and Forrester) suggests that only between 25-30 percent of media interviews and briefings are considered highly effective. The top reasons cited for poor interview experiences fall into three categories.

  • 43% of analysts and journalists surveyed indicated that poor interviews were the result of interviewees being unprepared to discuss issues and trends in the industry;
  • 32% reported that poor interviews were the result of subjects showing up to present canned messages or sales pitches that were unresponsive to questions.
  • 29% stated that poor interviews resulted from lack of confidence in the credibility of their interviewees. Executives simply were not believable.

- Lane Cooper
Chief Content Strategist, G2Market