ClickZ: 25% of Fortune 500 B2B Companies Have Adopted Marketing Automation

According to research conducted by ClickZ’s Mathew Sweezey, 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies use some form of web tracking tool and only 25 percent use marketing automation tools.

“Large companies are sometimes seen as slow-moving behemoths,” said Sweezey. “Those listed on the Fortune 500 are some of the biggest around, so when I started to research their adoption of modern marketing tools I was expecting to see very low adoption rates. What I found was very different. Through my investigating I found that an alarmingly high number of companies had adopted some very advanced marketing tools including marketing automation technologies. Considering that Neolane reports 13 percent of B2B companies use marketing automation technology, 25 percent adoption shows these companies are adopting modern technologies at a higher rate than their peers.”

Other findings from Sweezey’s study include:

  •  78 percent of Fortune 500 companies used some form of content marketing on their sites.
  •  25 percent of the companies protected any of their online content to collect email addresses.
  •  97 percent of the companies had online forms for consumers to fill out to receive more information.
  •  Only 28 percent of the companies had fewer than ten questions on their online forms (some had as many as 28 questions) that had to be answered to receive any information.
  •  Search Agents indicate forms with more than three questions have a 30 percent lower submission rate.
  •  And only 55 percent of the companies answered the information request via email within 48 hours of submission.

- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market