CNW Launches New Content Marketing Solution

CNW announced has launched its new Access, Reach, Connect Engagement Platform (ARC) in Canada to provide marketing and public relations professionals an all-in-one display, distribution, and promotion tool for their content marketing efforts.

Marketing and public relations campaigns are becoming increasingly complex with lots of moving parts — including multimedia, content marketing, social media initiatives. The ARC was designed to bring all of those elements together into a single platform to deliver audience engagement in a new and interactive way.

ARC is based on the award-winning platform developed by PR Newswire, and is a customizable microsite that is optimized for multimedia and viral sharing. One of the distinguishing features of ARC is that content can be dynamically updated at any time to evolve with campaigns and it includes strategic media placement to provide guaranteed views from the right audience.

CNW has a long history of helping their clients generate audiences for their news. It’s a natural progression to now help clients increase audience engagement with their content. “Our goal has always been to offer our clients the most visibility for their news in the Canadian market. In pairing increased visibility with deep audience engagement, the ARC represents the next generation of that goal,” said Carolyn McGill, President and CEO at CNW.

G2Market Inside Scoop: While much is made of content marketing tips and tactics in the United States, the issue also is alive and well for businesses in Canada and elsewhere. An interesting component of the ARC platform lies in its ability to harmonize content marketing efforts with more traditional PR functions. The broader focus on audience engagement strategies increasingly blurs the lines that once kept marketing, PR and “editorial” efforts in silos – and at the end of the day that’s probably a good thing. That said, the onus is on companies to manage their multiple (and multimedia) messaging strategies effectively.

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