ComBlu Releases Second eBook on Content Marketing

Although the “golden age” of content marketing remains a way off, brands are working hard to apply more discipline and structure to building both strategy and operations. In an effort to highlight some of those lessons on content discipline and the impact on brands, ComBlu has developed a new eBook, “The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming 4 Major Content Pain Points”.

ComBlu, a full-service social business, engagement and content marketing firm, penned the book as a companion piece to the firm’s 2011 Content Supply Chain eBook, which laid out a strategic framework for forecasting content needs, managing production and publication and measuring its impact on business goals.

“ComBlu has had dozens of significant conversations with brands about the content marketing discipline in general and has implemented numerous content supply chain and content marketing programs for a wide variety of clients,” commented Kathy Baughman, a principal at ComBlu and author of the new eBook. “Our work in this area helped us identify multiple major pain points companies face when dealing with content strategy and the execution of content marketing programs.”

This new book focuses on the four key pain points that brands face when embarking on a content marketing strategy:

  • Pain Point One: Content development and distribution: how to organize resources to establish an effective and efficient process.
  • Pain Point Two: Content creation: how to effectively “feed the content beast” with content that resonates.
  • Pain Point Three: Content cadence: how to get the publication cycle right.
  • Pain Point Four: Content ROI: how to make sure content is working hard enough for the investment made.

“These challenges and the learning we gained helping companies overcome them presented us the perfect opportunity to develop another thought leadership piece on the topic,” Baughman explained. “The Alchemy of Content delves deep into these four pain points and presents a method for attacking and taming each one. The book will offer content marketers valuable insights and information, regardless of industry.”

G2Market Inside Scoop: In today’s marketing environment, most companies and agencies recognize that content is an essential component to success. That said, there are few easy answers on how to develop a solid strategy that consistently creates fresh, valuable and targeted content. This new ebook is an interesting follow-up because it addresses the impact of each of these common “pain points” on the brand and is, itself, an effective example of content marketing.

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