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Which Edition is Right for Your Business?

G2Market offers three standard service packages — Visionary ($1,500), Challenger ($3,000) and Leader ($5,000). Analyst Relations campaign budgets and results are driven by variables such as:

  • Brand positioning and awareness
  • Business lifecycle stage
  • Commitment from leadership
  • Competition strength
  • Customer base size
  • Established relationships
  • Existing content assets
  • Marketing and technology infrastructure
  • Marketing team time and capabilities
  • Organization vision and innovation
  • Sales staff and systems
  • Social media reach and engagement
  • Website and blog strength

In order to find the service edition that’s right for you, start with your current marketing budget and pick a comfortable monthly amount for agency services and contingencies based on existing revenue and/or funding.

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Download the chart below to compare the features of the Visionary, Challenger and Leader editions.

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You also can request a custom edition based on your unique needs and budgets.