Conferize Solves the Problem of Taking Physical Events Online

Want to go to a hot conference without actually going to a hot conference? Online event company Conferize may have an answer to the traditional challenge of taking conferences and professional events online in an effective way. Conferize, the leading online destination for physical events, now offers a simple yet powerful way to bring events to life online.

The company has rolled out its new Highlight Player, which enables event organizers to easily present an interactive version of their event to online audiences. The player automatically finds the most relevant multimedia content from sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Slideshare and more. It then displays everything related to the conference or event in one central place, without the need for online users to jump from site to site.

The Highlight Player is offered on a freemium basis to event organizers, speakers, venues and members of the press. It can easily be shared or integrated, similar to a YouTube video, into any website or blog as a strong addition to any digital strategy.

Studies show that conference and event organizers with an effective content marketing strategy are able to sell more registrations earlier with better targeting by building their online community across events. Conferize now offers full service content distribution and marketing out of the box at a very affordable price, also including support for live video streaming.

G2Market Inside Scoop: The Conferize highlight player launch has the potential to become yet another tool in the content marketer’s toolkit. As the company points out, event organizers currently only reach 10 percent of their potential audience on average and many struggle to sell out events as a result. Because the player also is well suited for shared and integrating a wide range of other types of content, it has the potential to be leveraged into a powerful engagement tool across content platforms.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market