Content Marketing for Mobile Devices: The Problems of Mobile Content

Business2Community’s Debra Murphy wrote a new post recently expressing the need for content marketing strategies to be geared towards mobile devices.

“Given the fact that people are finding and consuming content on tablets and smartphones, our inbound marketing tactics, specifically content marketing and search engine optimization, must support those devices seamlessly,” Murphy said.

According to research Murphy sited from the 2012 Keynote Competitive Research on Mobile User Preferences, Habits, and Expectations the top three activities for smart phone users were:

  •  accessing local information at 88 percent
  •  searching for information at 82 percent
  •  and participating in social media/networking sites at 76 percent

While the top three activities for tablet users were:

  •  reading news and entertainment at 79 percent
  •  searching for information at 77 percent
  •  and watching videos at 76 percent

Additionally the survey showed that things that frustrate mobile users include:

  •  Slow Loading—60 percent of tablet users and 44 percent of smart phone users expect a web page to load in less than three seconds.
  •  Broken Sites—46 percent are unlikely to return to a website if it didn’t work properly the first time.
  •  Websites not optimized for smart phones.
  •  Loading errors or the page doesn’t open.
  •  Navigation is difficult to use.
  •  Content is difficult to read.
  •  And anything that makes it difficult to read or respond to email.

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- Carl Cooper