Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Company Launches New Consumer Site About Botox

Think content marketing strategies can’t lift the bottom lines of cosmetic surgery marketers? Think again. Toronto-based cosmetic surgery marketing company, Think Basis, has rolled out a new consumer information site about Botox. The site,, is specially designed for consumers interested in pursuing Botox, whether they reside or frequent the country’s capital.

Although there many medical professionals offer Botox in Ottawa – and most of them have websites promoting their services — there are no sites dedicated to providing unbiased information. Enter Think Basis, a full-service Internet marketing firm for industry leaders in the fields of beauty and plastic surgery.

The company is able to leverage not only its background in corporate branding and design but also its expertise in explaining details to potential cosmetic surgery patients. The company believes this subject matter expertise ensures a focused approach to search engine optimization and online brand reputation management.

This site aims to provide consumers reliable information about the Botox, enabling them to make an informed decision on treatment. According to statistics compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2012, there were over 6 million Botox treatments performed in North America alone.

“In all my years in the market, I’ve seen a lot of good and bad websites putting misleading and sometimes dangerous information online about Botox,” says Nick Dumitru, president of Think Basis. “It’s our mission to educate the public with high quality content and allow our nation’s capital to put their best foot forward for Canadians and all the foreign nationals we’re proud to have living and working there.”

G2Market Inside Scoop: Think Basis’ approach to content marketing is a good example of how quality, targeted content that delivers value in its own right can play a substantial role in boosting brand perception and business. Although this is a site tailored toward consumers, the information is targeted to explaining an issue that is compelling to its audience and where quality (and independent) advice is deemed essential. That puts it on similar footing with many B2B products or services that must attain (and maintain) a higher perceived value to be successful.

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- Allison Johnson
VP, Strategic Marketing, G2Market