Econsultancy’s Million-Dollar Content Marketing Question

According to a new story by Econsultancy, 90 percent of marketers believe content marketing will become more important this year, roughly equating to 24,555,812 marketers most of whom will outsource to a partner. This begs the million-dollar content marketing question, “How are marketers to choose a content marketing partner?”

According to Ryan Skinner, who wrote the article, “No product was ever more content marketed than content marketing itself. And it worked. Marketers are diving in”.

And the industry is expanding to meet the demand. Here are a few examples of the content marketing boom of the last year:

  •  The Association of Publishing Agencies rebranded as the Content Marketing Association.
  •  New content marketing software such as Flockler, GatherContent, InboundWriter, Curata, etc. launched.
  •  Econsultancy and CMI produced content marketing reports.
  •  New content marketing agencies Quaturo, Considered Content, etc. launched.

Skinner says, “2013’s likely to be just as lively on this front. Everyone else is headed to market for help with content marketing strategy, execution, analytics and management. They’re wise to. Content marketing is very effective, but the talents are acquired, and absent from many organizations. And like sister discipline social media marketing, it’s labor-intensive. Great on-strategy eBooks, infographics and blog posts don’t make themselves.”

But the million dollar marketing question remains, “How are marketers to choose a content marketing partner?” (For additional information contact: G2Market Team.