Event Marketer Magazine, Marketing and Design Agencies Launch Mobile Content App for the Experiential Industry

Event Marketer magazine, George P. Johnson marketing agency and its sister design and technology agency JUXT recently launched EM Mobile, a content application for the global experiential industry. The app was launched at the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago.

Initially released for Apple iOS devices, EM Mobile is a new kind of content-rich app designed to be a daily tool in the marketer’s arsenal, the companies say. EM Mobile brings brand leaders real-time updates on the latest best practices, case studies and general coverage of the event industry, all created and fed by Event Marketer magazine.

EM Mobile gives marketers around the world instant access to trends, insights and best practices on how consumer and business-to-business brands are engaging their audiences and driving deeper relationships using events and experiential marketing. For EM Mobile, JUXT created a totally unique and innovative user experience to provide readers with an elegant, seamless way to explore and engage with content, enable advanced customization, and foster easy, single-touch social sharing of articles, photos and videos.

EM Mobile is initially launching on a wide range of iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. Some of the advanced user experience and technology elements include:

 Innovative “blinds” navigation makes finding and experiencing articles, videos and photos a snap
 Real-time updates provide content 24/7
 Customization allows users to receive specific types of articles and content feeds
 Push notification alerts users to new relevant content immediately
 Integration with all major social platforms enables instant sharing and commentary

G2Market Inside Scoop: Given the strong trends toward mobility in the content marketing arena, it was only a matter of time before content marketers themselves would find an “app for that”. Beyond that, this is yet another sign that the digital mobile content revolution is alive, well and embracing mobility. Bill Fleig, VP Client Services at JUXT, put it well: “With digital these days, it’s important to provide an experience that is new and fresh in order to differentiate one’s offering. But that unique experience can never come at the expense of clarity and graceful use. Bringing content and data to life requires a precise balance of beauty and practicality. We think the app nails it.”

(The EM Mobile app is available as a free download to phone and tablet devices from Apple’s App Store via this link – http://bit.ly/100m8Lp or by searching for “EM Mobile” within iTunes.


- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market