Gollan Outlines Six Purpose-Driven Ways for Entrepreneurs to Use Social Media

In his latest Tip Sheet, Business Coach Casey Gollan reveals a series of invaluable insights for entrepreneurs to use when it comes to communicating with their prospects and colleagues on social media.

In “Six Purpose-Driven Ways for Entrepreneurs to Use Social Media”, Gollan discussed subjects essential to a company’s success such as reputation management, authority posting, the marketing of new products, improved customer service, increasing customer loyalty and, of course, networking.


Here are three of Gollan’s top six tips:

Connect and Network. Gollan cites LinkedIn here as the best resource for both connecting with other like-minded professionals and for engaging in B2B marketing by seeking out prospects. He recommends Lewis Howes’ book Linked Working as an excellent introduction to those unfamiliar with the site. Meanwhile, recommendations and endorsements from customers and former colleagues on LinkedIn really do make a difference, he counsels.

Provide Customer Service. Facebook and Twitter are excellent, and instant, means for companies to connect with customers. Gollan cites the example of US shoe company Zappos who regularly respond to customer queries on their Facebook page or Twitter profile – despite their huge size and daily turnover.

Market New Products and Services. Blogging – which is achieved in a less formal and chattier style than a newspaper article, for example – is an excellent means for a business to tell those reading the post the story of how it came into being, and what its ethos is etc.

G2 Market Inside Scoop: It’s impossible to ignore the high-decibel buzz social media generates. But an effective social media strategy also has a strong impact on your content-marketing strategy. And the key word there is “strategy”. Social media can be a valuable part of a comprehensive content management strategy, but it can’t simply be an ancillary activity.
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- Susan Aluise
Sr. Editor, G2Market