How Often Should You Feed Your Content Marketing Programs?

A new article from MarketingProfs’ Pawan Deshpande, takes on some of the biggest questions in content marketing:

  •  How often do I need to update my content?
  •  How often should I be publishing?
  •  What is too much?
  •  And how do you find the time to publish?

“The answer,” said Deshpande. “Which everyone hates to hear, is ‘it depends.’ But it does depend, on the channel and where you’re sharing your content.”

Here are Deshpande’s answers:
1) For Social Media, Post As Often As You Can. “The key to successful content engagement with your audience on social media is to be there when they are. You want to ensure that your content shows up in your prospects’ content streams when they log on.”
2) For Blogging, Post Weekly, At The Very Least. “Third-party content is critical in helping marketers fill the gap when they don’t have the bandwidth to create original content several times per week or every day. A good idea would be set the expectation with your readers from the start. Let them know the day you plan on posting. Alerting your audience to your new content is the best way to build your readership.”
3) For Email Newsletters, Ask Your Audience For Their Preferences. “Sometimes marketers get so wrapped up in marketing to prospects they forget that asking their audience is one of the best ways to find out what they want to hear from you, and when. A great way to gather this information simply and easily is to send your subscribers a quick survey via email, asking them what information they are looking for, and how often they would prefer to hear from you.”

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