Huffington Post: Content Marketing’s Revolution: From One-Offs To Continuous Storytelling

According to a new story by the Huffington Post’s Janet Balis, there is a revolution in content marketing underway as brands extend their reach past the basic content marketing forms of advertorials, content hubs, and brand integration in programming to the true, real-time storytelling that was once the sole purview of newsrooms and media companies.

“But content marketing is undergoing a revolution as brands move beyond “one-off” executions to full-blown continuous storytelling,” said Balis. “When a brand is in a position to capitalize in real-time on the lights going out at the Super Bowl, we’ve reached a new level of marketing agility and impact. Until this moment, such 24/7, real-time content creation could only be executed by the skill sets of a media company and its newsroom. But that’s all changing now.”

However there are still challenges to brand marketers efforts to become publishers. Here are Balis’ top three:
1) “If You Build It, They Will Not Come” & “Content Marketing Is Not About Bringing The People To A ‘Thing’”: I combined Balis’ first two points because they’re basically the same thing. If you don’t have a distribution venue it doesn’t matter how great the content is no one will ever see it. Get your content syndicated through as many sites as you can and you’ll not only increase the number of people who see your content but you’ll also increase the awareness of your products and the number of visitors to your site.
2) “This Moment Is About The ‘Participation Generation’”: The unnamed generation after the Millennials (I prefer Net Gen, but that’s just me) has already begun to set the trends for media consumption. And what they want is a two way dialogue that gives them an opportunity to express ideas creatively in an open communication forum, not just an ad exec somewhere talking at them. If you take this into account when you build your content marketing site you’ll earn the respect and eventually the loyalty of this important demographic.
3) “Campaigns And Flights Are Not Sustained Brand Strategies”: In this new age of digital media you can’t afford to be stuck in the past with marketing strategies that simply replicate the exact same message across multiple formats. If you want to build a powerful brand you need to leverage one storytelling moment into the next with excellence and creativity in a way that interests consumers and holds their attention.

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