iMedia Connection: Five Ways to Turn Brand Advocates into a Content Marketing Engine

Satisfied customers make the best Brand Advocates, according to iMedia Connection contributor and CEO of Zuberance, Rob Fuggetta. Consumers are far more likely to trust peer opinions of you than your opinion of yourself.

“Are you leveraging your highly-satisfied customers,” said Fuggetta. “AKA ‘Brand Advocates,’ to generate product reviews, videos, testimonials, and more? If not, you’re missing a major content marketing opportunity. Content created by Advocates is highly trusted and influential. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 53 percent trust content that you create and post on your website.”

Fuggetta offers five tips to turn advocates into a content marketing engine. Here they are:

  1. Identify your Advocates. Ask your customers to rate their experience with you, and how likely they would be to recommend you to their friends, on a scale of zero to ten. Those who respond with a nine or ten are your advocates.
  2. Encourage Advocates to rate and review your products. Since, according to Nielsen, 70 percent of consumers trust online reviews and 67 percent won’t buy a product after reading one to three bad reviews, you need to make it as easy as possible for your advocates to create reviews good reviews.
  3. Enable Advocates to create stories about their experiences with your company or products. Personal stories good or bad have a big impact on consumer opinion of your company or products. Provide a forum for advocates to talk about their good experiences with your brand.
  4. Make it easy for Advocates to answer prospects’ questions. Prospects who take the time to ask Advocates questions about why they chose your product or service are the ones who are seriously considering your company for their solution. Provide a forum where your satisfied customers can interact directly with your prospective customers to leverage these highly qualified leads into sales.
  5. Amplify Advocates. Make it easier for your advocates to share the content they’ve created on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and on shopping sites by including social sharing widgets in your content creation forms. Your advocates already want to talk about what excites them, helping them do just that will help your content marketing strategy too.

G2Market Inside Scoop: In the B2C world, it’s often easier to gain advocates who are willing to help get their peers excited about what you’re doing. Even so, B2B content marketers have access to these “independent” Influencers: satisfied customers who are eager and willing to tell how your product/service etc. helped them save money, boost efficiency or transform their operations. Whereas case studies and even webinars have long been a staple of B2B marketing, integrating customer tweets, Tumblr posts or Instagram photos on product pages can help take content marketing efforts to the next level.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market