incite Research Shows 28% of Marketing Agency Selection Decisions Made Using Online Sources

incite, a new UK-based marketing services provider, January 23 released research which shows content marketing influences nearly one third of selection decisions. incite polled 4500 marketers across the UK, ranging from global to mid-sized markets from both B2B and B2C sectors. The research found that 28 percent of marketing decision makers researched agency skills and competencies online. The aim of the research was to uncover information about the process client side marketers go through researching which agencies to select for first round talks or submission of proposal or requests for further information. incite believes that for agencies this will require an investment in people, technology and process or appointment of external specialists to take advantage of the opportunities provided by content marketing.

“We believe this presents a huge commercial argument to agencies marketing themselves using content marketing techniques utilized so effectively by the marketing technology sector,” said Kristian Gough, incite managing partner and founder. “Content marketing has long been dabbled in by agencies but rarely are indicatives focused or joined up. The best people to write content are tied up with big pitches and big clients.”

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