MarketingProfs: Turbocharge Your Content Marketing Machine

Planning and precision is the key to successful content marketing, according to a recent article by MarketingProfs contributor Alastair Kane, an SEO executive at Strategic Internet Consulting.

“Content marketing is a precise art,” said Kane. “It is an art because it relies on creativity for its successful consummation. It is precise because the right type of content, aimed at the right kind of people in the right type of place at the right time, will facilitate the achievement of your online marketing goals. Content marketing is not rocket science, but it can appear so in the absence of a clear-cut strategy. It is all too easy to produce a piece of content and not really have a clue about where to place it to maximize its potential. Without thorough planning, your content marketing machine will be firing on three cylinders instead of being the turbocharged V8 behemoth that it could be!”

Kane offers a few tips on how to turbocharge your content marketing. Here are three of them:

  • Point your machine in the right direction. Content marketing isn’t about link building it’s about connecting with consumers through content that interests and inspires them. Consider what you want your content marketing strategy to accomplish, who you’re trying to reach, then tailor the strategy to meet those goals and your audience where they are. If it’s done right you will get those much-needed links.
  • Before you set off, check your machine. Take the time to go through the content you already have. If you have existing white papers or other offline content that fits into your content marketing strategy it can be updated and converted to online content with less effort than creating all new content. It will also free you up to concentrate on those aspects of your strategy that you don’t already have content in.
  • Before you set off, look at the map. Do your research. Before you begin a content marketing strategy it is essential that you know: who your audience is, where they go online, what they’re interested in, and what they need. If you can’t answer these questions your content marketing strategy will stall before it ever starts.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Content marketers who fail to plan essentially plan to fail. While it seems like time spent in research or planning wastes valuable time that you could be engaging your audience with some sort of content, don’t underestimate the opportunity cost associated with launching an off-target content initiative that flops for lack of preparation.

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- Susan Aluise
Sr. Editor, G2Market