Mashable: 5 Ways to Get More From Any Content Marketing Campaign

Repackaging excellent content is hardly a new thing, and it’s a great way to improve customer interest, website traffic and social media sharing. In a recent article Mashable’s Scott Steinberg discussed five ways to get more from your existing content marketing campaign.

“Excellent content is like a classic song,” said Steinberg, “Sometimes covers are just as good, if not better than the original. As musicians proved long ago, there are far more ways to spin a winning track. Those looking to boost customer interest, website traffic and social media sharing can try these tips to remix their content into several equally impressive results, all of which can help get the most out of your organization’s top online hits.”

Here are Steinberg’s top three tips:
1) Create An E-Book. If your business has already been publishing hints, tips, and advice for years, re-purpose the content into an e-book format. Steinberg says, “Aggregating content into a single read can effectively represent engaging material, add value to your IP catalogue, and potentially even drive added sales, media interest or public attention for preexisting content, while cementing your business’ expertise.”

2) Create A Podcast Series. With the entrenched popularity of sites like YouTube and low technology costs, all you need to start your own internet radio or TV show is a webcam or smartphone and a topic. Steinberg says, “Do you speak at events or provide advice to customers via live or remote solutions? Record sound bites and remix them into downloadable programs featuring highlights, or create a downloadable program or interactive training series featuring highlights from your presentations. Doing so can expand your reach, help you create new products and convey valuable information as your customers go about their daily routines.”

3) Break Your Content Into Smaller Pieces. If you have brochures, case studies, or white papers full of great information on your business, then you already have a valuable source of information for blogs and articles. Steinberg says, “With more consumers than ever reading content on smartphones or tablets, anything longer than three scrolls down the screen is likely to short-circuit our increasingly distracted brains. So, why not break up your article into a running group of posts, linking all together via a master page, should someone wish to read the collection in one sitting?”

G2Market’s Inside Scoop: Leveraging existing resources into new and creative digital packaging can be a winning move, but you need to apply the careful editing eye to ensure that the content is still relevant to your core market. If some of that thought leadership product seems a little long in the tooth, a relatively easy update – enhanced with today’s most salient trends — can be the ticket to success.

- Susan Aluise
Editorial Team, G2Market