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G2Market is Your Winning Formula for Mobile Marketing Automation

G2Market’s Panvista Apps support high-tech marketers with powering up their mobile marketing programs and execute fully automated mobile marketing campaigns.

Apps work on iOS, Blackberry & Android.

Panvista apps are designed to run on all major smartphones and tablets. Panvista takes care of the app store submissions, OS upgrades, maintenance and hosting so you can take full advantage of the powerful targeting the mobile channel provides. Content is shared automatically across all platforms, meaning no extra work for you. Best of all, all the apps are fully measurable.


Web-based Content Management.

With the Panvista web-based Content Management System (CMS), you have complete control over the content and branding of your mobile app, mobile website, and tablet website. Add RSS feeds for automatic content updates across all platforms, CSV files for quick database searches, and control theming for all devices. All changes made from the administration area display instantaneously in the app. You never have to wait for your app to be re-approved in the store.


Highly Targeted Content.

With Panvista, it’s easy to tailor content for specific subscribers. Customizable push notifications let users know when you have new content, meaning your message will never be missed. App downloaders can customize their notifications so they only receive the information which is relevant to them. With Panvista, push notifications are fully measurable – see which notifications are being opened most often, on which platform, and down to which exact user opened the notification.


Precise Mobile App Analytics.

Go beyond download numbers. Panvista’s app analytics helps you paint a clear picture of who your users are. By knowing who the app users are, and what they’re doing in your app, you can tailor your mobile marketing plan around what people are interested in the most. Walk app downloaders through the buying cycle by converting users through in-app lead generation and target prospects with the exact information they need to make their decisions.

With G2Market’s content powered by Panvista , you now have the winning formula to execute fully automated mobile marketing campaigns. And, our technical experts will integrate Panvista with your existing CRM and Marketing Automation platform such as Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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