Princeton Corporate Solutions Launches Free Executive Training Downloads

Princeton Corporate Solutions (PCS), a corporate strategies consulting firm, April 8 announced the launch of their free executive training downloads, available both on YouTube and their corporate website. The training sessions offer a clear and concise explanation and strategy for such topics as: IPO and M&A facilitation, How to Grow Via Strategic Alliances, Picking the Perfect Board of Directors, and How to Take Your Company Public.

“We’ve always tried to offer as much information for free as possible,” said James Scott, PCS CEO. “By offering so much content for free we can help executives and entrepreneurs grow and stabilize their companies without the burden of cost. Then when they are ready for the next level they have the opportunity to hire us if they wish to embark on a more customized strategy for something on a larger scale.”

The courses are taken from the published articles and books of Scott, who is also a member of several think tanks that review aspects of legislative concepts through the use of global, political and economic analysis.

G2Market Inside Track: This is a good example of how a company is offering high-level, compelling content at no cost in order to cultivate a positive relationship with future buyers. In our travels through the digital universe we’ve all come across free content that wasn’t worth its price; but we all tend to remember favorably companies that share some of the wealth up front. That strategy is not only good for the brand, but it makes a target audience anticipate higher quality fee-based offerings.

(For additional information contact: Princeton Corporate Solutions, 267-233-0183,