Salesforce Chatter To Enable Social Media Interaction Between Companies and Consumers Based on Topics of Interest, an enterprise cloud computing company, April 4 launched a new service, Salesforce Chatter, to enable companies to connect with their customers, partners, employees and products based on topics of interest. Chatter Topics and Expertise, which is built on the Salesforce Platform, is designed to enable users to discover insights, identify experts and find related resources based on specific areas of interest.

“Serendipity is not a strategy for connecting employees with the right information and experts,” said Nasi Jazayeri, Salesforce Chatter EVP. “Social intelligence in Chatter gives enterprises unmatched ability to unlock their internal knowledge base and deliver new levels of collaboration and productivity.”

The Chatter Topics and Expertise service is designed to analyze and categorize structured and unstructured information within Salesforce. Through this process, the service will connect related experts, files, groups and other information, all on a single topic page. These topic pages will then be auto-curated through’s algorithms and adjusted by ongoing user engagement and topic suggestions in the feed.

Additionally, the service will enable users to discover topic pages and groups that can help a new hire get up to speed more quickly or allow an employee to identify and connect with experts, such as a product expert or thought leader, in real-time. Also, the service can provide sales personnel with the latest competitive information or access to a pricing expert to close a deal.

G2Market Inside Track: Social media is one trend content marketers need to harness; using tools like Chatter and Expertise to better leverage internal resources kicks the strategy up a notch. Companies understand the value of business intelligence, even if they struggle to implement it effectively within their organization. Social intelligence is the fruit of a collaborative dialog between companies and their target markets – one that can enhance the brand and boost reader engagement.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market