Search Engine Watch: 5 Critical Components of Successful B2B SEO Content Marketing Execution

If your company isn’t involved in content marketing you may be falling fatally behind your competitors in this new digital marketing era, this from Search Engine Watch’s Derek Edmond.

“According to data from the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report,” said Edmond. “A coordinated effort between MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers are spending 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, up from 26 percent last year. Ninety-one percent of B2B respondents were engaged in content marketing in some capacity. In other words, if your organization is not invested in content marketing, you are well behind the curve in today’s B2B marketing environment.”

Among the challenges Edmond sites from the report are:

  •  B2B SEO needs content marketing to provide destinations for keyword strategy and a means for acquiring links and social media visibility.
  •  Quality content is more important than quantity.
  •  And one issue B2B marketers face is the notion that “producing enough content” was more challenging than anything else.

So here are Edmond’s top two critical components of successful B2B SEO content marketing execution:

  1. A Method for Aggregating Information. “In the midst of a sea of information, B2B search engine marketers need to streamline their focus in order to capture the best resources possible.” Edmond suggests using tools such as: A Twitter Influencer List, A Small Set of Google Alerts, A Small List of Email Newsletter Subscriptions, or An RSS Reader of Key Publishers.
  2. The Ability to Perform SEO / Content Marketing Competitive Research. “B2B SEOs need to understand the competitive landscape, from a content marketing and search perspective. The usual suspects related to SEO are important.” Edmond suggests reviewing and researching your: keyword visibility such as links acquired and relationship to keyword strategies. Visible social media metrics such as tweets, likes, or shares. Types of content assets available on competitive web sites such as blog, news, case studies, or video. Frequency of asset development, design, layout, and structure of content assets, competitive social media profiles, their activity, and messaging tactics, and type of content assets frequently found in search engine results for targeted keywords. “A lot of competitive data can be realized simply through manual site auditing and review. For search engine marketers with a greater financial budget for commercial software, Searchmetrics and SEOmoz (Open Site Explorer and FollowerWonk in particular) are good tools for evaluating competition.”

G2Market’s Inside Scoop: SEO is an entirely different ball game than it was 12-to-18 months ago and the most successful content marketers are agile to roll with that new paradigm. In today’s game, more is not always better – more likely than not, it’s just more. SEO is more strategic than tactical – and quality content can deliver a bottom-line payback as target customers (particularly in B2B) grow to trust their thought leadership.

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- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market