Tactics Small Businesses Can Follow to Overcome Content Challenges

With content creation demanding a huge commitment of time and resources, it’s inevitable that a small business marketer will hit a few roadblocks that can slow their content marketing progress. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, explores the common challenges to successful content marketing and offers some smart strategies for overcoming all of them.

In the latest article, “Content Creation Challenges? Try These Tips to Get You Started”, Pulizzi suggests paying attention to the stories that are happening within your organization and utilizing different methods in order to turn those stories into compelling content.

From interviewing C-level execs on Skype to capturing photos and video at industry events, Pulizzi believes that weaving raw content into a content marketing strategy will help shape it into something truly compelling.

Here are of Pulizzi’s top tips:

• Don’t block the content marketing process by trying to force your executives and staff members into doing something they aren’t comfortable with— there are plenty of other ways to generate effective content marketing.
• When you’re at industry events, be sure to capture photos and video. Then, you can splice and dice the footage with other pieces of content you have created (or curated).
• Getting an outside perspective on this process can really help the marketing department get pointed in the right direction.

G2Market Inside Scoop: Getting started on a content marketing strategy can seem daunting at first, but don’t be intimidated. As Pulizzi points out, you already have assets you can leverage – and can acquire more by leveraging video and photos from conferences and trade shows is an easy way to diversify content.

- Susan Aluise
Sr. Editor, G2Market