The LinkedIn Mobile App for B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing & social media became a little more aligned this month with the launch of LinkedIn’s redesigned mobile interface with a new B2B content marketing app.

LinkedIn redesigned its mobile app interface to bring content front and center. The largest B2B social platform recognized that the average workday extends beyond the traditional nine-to-fiverr, and professionals use their portable devices to continuously look for ways to gain an edge over the competition. LinkedIn decided to focus on industry-relevant content as a way to provide users with actionable business resources. Along with re-design, LinkedIn’s mobile application features some powerful new tools for B2B marketers too.

The new app is designed for use on all mobile platforms to enable professionals to keep up with interactions that are taking place across LinkedIn. Some of the features include:

  • A more tailored member stream that highlights timely updates of news, blog posts, and chatter from Influencers for easy viewing, providing greater exposure for an estimated 81 percent of B2B companies and more than half of B2C companies using LinkedIn for branded content distribution.
  • A new customizable navigation page that allows members to preload features that matter most to them.
  • New search capabilities and personalized updates designed to help improve the overall user experience and bring members back to the site for all things industry related.
  • LinkedIn Groups will be improved to provide more lead generation opportunities and enable marketers can make sure their streams never miss an update.
  • LinkedIn promised in its official blog announcement that more mobile features are on their way.

G2Market Inside Scoop: While content marketers in the B2C space find it relatively easy to connect to customers by leveraging social media to facilitate content marketing efforts, that nut has been a little harder to crack for many B2B-focused organizations. LinkedIn already has street cred with B2B audiences, and the ability to deliver tailored media streams is a natural way to help business professionals get in on the chatter without getting swamped by the clutter.

- Carl Cooper