Top Of The Funnel Activities with Mobile Marketing Automation

Creating sales ready leads through mobile means having a proper strategy at every stage of the sales cycle. The first step in this process, the top of the funnel activities, gets your mobile website found by optimizing your content for mobile.

Let’s take a step back: every organization continuously works on their top of the funnel activities to attract visitors to their desktop website. Traditionally, this involves a lot of content creation, SEO efforts, and social media. The goal is to drive users to the desktop website, raise awareness, and hopefully move them onto the next stage of the sales cycle.

Looking at mobile, the top of the funnel activities are similar. In order for visitors to move through the sales cycle, they need to be able to find you on their mobile device and see that you offer relevant insights to topics of interest to them. Considering the many other organizations may offer similar services, it’s important to properly harness top of the funnel activities and create a lasting impression in the mind of the visitor.

People can be drawn to your mobile website in several different ways, but the core four are:

  • Blogging
  • Product Pages
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media

Blogging is a proven effective top of the funnel activity. Blogging creates value for visitors by providing useful, relevant and engaging content. Blogging also helps your mobile website to rank well in search engines. Product pages are similar, as they present a compelling argument for why your organization has tools that could benefit the mobile website visitor.

Social media is another top of the funnel activity that needs to be utilized properly. Actively tweeting the latest blog posts, for example, will draw people back to the mobile website. In addition, visitors already on the mobile website may share content to their social networks, drawing people back in. People who are unfamiliar with your brand may be willing to take a look at your content if shared by someone they know. Actively involving your brand in social media conversations, and allowing people to share your content on their own networks, reaches new audiences to draw back to your mobile website.

Harnessing SEO and Paid Search by using the right keywords in your mobile content is another way to draw traffic to your mobile website. The higher your mobile website ranks on search engines, the more likely people will discover your organization and click through to the mobile website.

The goal is to move visitors through the sales cycle by properly utilizing top of the funnel activities with mobile marketing automation. The more people that are drawn to your mobile website through top of the funnel activities, the more chances you will have to convert these people into leads by moving them through the sales cycle. In the next post, we’ll take a closer look at the second stage of the sales cycle: middle of the funnel activities.

- Neil Wadhwa
Marketing Manager, Panvista