Turner’s Zero Clutter Approach To Content Marketing: Three Things You Must Do

When done right, content marketing can transform your business, grow your customer base and impact your bottom line. But only if you are consistently executing a content marketing strategy. In a recent blog, Brendon Turner, a contributor for Search Engine Journal, offered advice and tips for the frazzled business owners who feel they don’t have the time to create useful content with any frequency.

“You’ve really got no recourse but to start using content to market your business,” said Turner. “The power of content marketing done right is irrefutable. It will without question, literally transform your business, grow your customer base and impact your bottom line, if you are consistently executing a content marketing strategy.

“As an example, your blog can account for more than 80 percent of traffic to your website and can be the source of 75 percent plus of your leads,” he says. “That marketing channel usually costs your company the least and provides the most return. If you don’t have much time to dedicate to content marketing then at the very least you should spend your time on the following three techniques that will provide you with the most return for the least amount of time and money.”

Here are Turner’s three techniques:
1) Create Amazing Content with Regularity. “It would be virtually impossible to have a content marketing plan without having any content. So you’ve got to produce content in some way or another. The content that you create has to be awesome! If you put fluff out for consumption it won’t be consumed. Period. Conversely if you plan ahead, learn a little about SEO, do some keyword research and take the time to create a publishing calendar or schedule – even if you plan to publish one new piece of content per day, week or even once monthly, stick to that schedule! Here’s a key takeaway: You have to be consistent with your publishing schedule. If you don’t stick to it your traffic will drop and it can take you months to regain ground. Momentum is a real force on the Internet.”

2) Build a List of Email Opt-in Subscribers. “Your email list is how you’ll generate most of your repeat website visitors. A highly responsive list will account for at a minimum 40 percent of comments on your blog posts and socially share your content four times more than any other source of traffic. To get a decent percentage of people that visit your website to opt in to your email list you’ve got to be in their face with an unbeatable offer.”

  • Turner advises against using an opt-in form placed on the web page because it will be competing with every other element of content on the page. Instead, you should create an opt-in that grabs your visitors’ attention. Try using a WordPress plugin like Popup Domination.
  • Make sure that the offer itself, as well as the look of the opt-in, is compelling otherwise it will just annoy your visitors instead of driving them to opt-in. Annoyed visitors don’t come back.
  • Turner recommends against giving away free ebooks as an opt-in prize, in favor of the new trend in offering a course of bite-sized useful and actionable information delivered over 7 to 30 days. Make sure you include a value estimate of the information your giving away so your visitors don’t just assume that free means valueless.
  • Color matters in marketing. Turner’s testing shows that the colors red, green and orange are the highest converting colors when used on a call to action button.
  • Turner’s testing shows that the highest rate of opt-in’s happen when the pop-up loads immediately when someone visits a website for the first time. And the highest conversion rate occurs when the opt-in form is placed underneath the offered content.
  • The more information you seek the more likely your visitors will get bored or frustrated. Turner recommends just asking for email addresses.

3) Convert Content Consumers into Social Media Fans. “You can use a pop up box for converting readers into social media fans. As a user scrolls further down the body of your article or blog post, pop up a box and ask them to ‘Like or Follow us to continue reading this article’ and be sure to provide a ‘No thanks’ link that will close the pop up box. This one tactic can acquire thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers for you. Ask your visitors to socially share your content and to follow you. The three largest social sites that mean anything are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Just encourage your visitors to engage with you on those three places. This will help your content to spread virally and will also help to improve the search engine rankings of your website too.”

G2Market’s Inside Scoop: Content marketing is not a “one-and-done” activity – once you start, you need to continue creating fresh and compelling content or your audience will wander off. Don’t underestimate the value of developing opt-in email subscribers or social media fans, but remember that from the standpoint of your audience, it’s all about them – not about what your business wants or needs to know. Serve them well and they will be more likely to reciprocate – with their business.

(For additional information contact: Search Engine Journal, www.searchenginejournal.com/contact.)

- Jack Bradman
Sr. Client Partner, G2Market