Volacci Releases Newsletter Best Practices eBook, Offers Free Newsletter Evaluations

Marketing software company Volacci has released a new publication, “Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook.” The eBook is a collaborative effort highlighting email marketing best practices for newsletter design, development and implementation.

In addition to the eBook’s release, Volacci is offering a free evaluation of any business’ or organization’s current email newsletter. By sending a copy of a recent newsletter to Volacci marketing (marketing@volacci.com), readers will receive a professional evaluation and any relevant tips or tricks to create a more engaging and effective newsletter that meets their marketing objectives.

The Newsletter Best Practices 2013 eBook includes in-depth analysis of several marketing practices including:
• The Business Case for Newsletters
• Newsletter Planning
• Newsletter Naming
• Subject Lines
• Content
• Newsletter Metrics
• Federal Spam Regulations, and more

The eBook also includes several newsletter samples, examples of newsletter design, and general best practices regarding content creation, promotion and marketing.
The “Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook” may be downloaded at


G2Market Inside Scoop: It’s usually a great strategy to give away content that your target audiences considers valuable; Volacci takes that a step further by offering its own expert critiques of potential business customers’ newsletters.

(For more information visit www.volacci.com).