What We Do

G2Market is a full-service content marketing service provider that supports technology marketers with strategy, campaign creation and execution. We help senior leadership teams leverage technology to innovate and drive sales by assisting them with their editorial content strategy that fuels their campaigns. Furthermore, we track and measure visitor engagement through our best-in-class content management system.

By 2015, Gartner predicts that marketing organizations will spend more on IT than any other part of the business. This is because CMOs are now being asked to make board-level investment decisions, to:

  • Build brands and generate demand.
  • Deploy marketing technologies that best capture, nurture, and convert prospects to customers.
  • Capture, analyze and exploit customer generated “big data” – from social media, digital response, CRM, and many other sources – to make smarter business decisions?

G2Market offers a five-point strategy for helping technology marketers achieve their branding, search and social visibility, traffic and sales conversions objectives.  The strategy consists of:

  • Publishing consultative content that enhances your target audiences’ ability to make good decisions while enhancing your thought leadership position.
  • Pushing out consultative messages to specific audiences through targeted distribution and syndication to build a community of interest around the challenges for which you have developed solutions.
  • Pulling in your community of interest to a learning and nurturing environment to establish and build a trusted-advisor relationship with both prospects and customers.
  • Penetrating barriers or objections to doing business with prospects and clients by leveraging consultative content for sales enablement and effective customer relationship management.
  • Maximizing your ROI of marketing initiatives with custom analytics that measure and shape your on-going content marketing programs.


G2Market Outcomes

  • Increased traffic to sections of your site that trigger immediate business opportunities.
  • Enhanced lead generation as executives researching their options register for premium content.
  • Audience and prospect nurturing based on offering a curriculum of content that identifies those who are engaging in the issues and demonstrating interest in solutions that solve business problems.
  • Measurement, management and conversion analytics that track how leads become prospects, and prospects become clients.

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